Acquista Card cultura Acquista Card cultura

The Card Musei Metropolitani is a service of the Municipality of Bologna, realized in collaboration with the main public and private museums of the territory, with the support of the IBC - Institute for the artistic, cultural and natural heritage of the Regione Emilia-Romagna and the support of the Metropolitan City of Bologna.

Founded in April 2016 for the promotion of accessibility to culture, the Card Museum has established itself immediately as an instrument of cultural identity and belonging to Bologna. More than 100 subjects are involved in the circuit, which sees the participation of public institutions, museums, foundations, exhibition spaces, private companies, cinemas, theaters, festivals, united by the common aim of enhancing the artistic and cultural heritage through support for the demand for culture. The Card is constantly expanding both in terms of service quality and in terms of territorial extension: in addition to all the main institutions of Bologna and its metropolitan area, some important museums and exhibition spaces of Ferrara, Faenza, Forlì are included.