Acquista Card cultura Acquista Card cultura

If you have doubts or questions, please consult the list of frequently asked questions. Please note: the Card is nominative and personal, it cannot be used by different persons. HOW TO BUY A CARD Online: register on or, if you are already registered, enter your reserved area from here: -riservata / Once registered, choose the "buy" option from your reserved area. When you buy the Card online, you are sent an email with a virtual Card that performs the same functions as the physical Card. In case you prefer to have a physical card you can pick it up at our stores by presenting the virtual card code and paying € 5. Sales outlets: you can buy your Card at the Bologna Welcome infopoint in Piazza Maggiore 1, at the Imola IAT - Tourist Information Office of Imola or at the entrance of participating museums. How much does the Museum Card cost? Card costs € 25. Price is reduced to € 20 for holders of some specific agreements: Attention: please keep the purchase receipt for any loss of the Card and as proof of payment. HOW TO REGISTER ONLINE To register on the site you must have an email address and enter a password of at least 8 characters containing a capital letter, a lowercase letter and a number. I tried to register online, but I failed! Perhaps you are using a very old version of Internet Explorer, the only browser that is not completely compatible with the Card’s website. Try using Chrome, Firefox or Safari. Maybe the password you chose does not match the security requirements. The system, for security reasons, asks you to enter the password twice: if the characters you type do not match, you will not be able to proceed. Pay attention to upper and lower case letters and to the exact correspondence of the entered password in the two fields. I tried to register online, but the system replies that my email is already registered and I can not go on. It means that you are already registered, therefore you can enter directly into your reserved area from here: If you have forgotten your password, please click here HOW TO ACTIVATE YOUR CARD How can I activate my Card? Register online then enter the card number to activate it. If you are already registered, enter your reserved area from here: Can I activate my Card in a museum? You can ask at the ticket office to register your details and activate the Card, but we suggest you to do it on the website before visiting the museum. What is the validity of the card after activation? Your card will be valid for 12 months. They gave me a card, but I do not know how to use it. Register on the website then enter the number written on the back of the card to activate it. I do not have an email address, how do I activate the card? Write to us at and we will activate the card for you: in this case, however, you will not be able to access your reserved area on the website. USE OF THE CARD Can I give my Card to someone of my family or friend? No, Card is nominal, therefore it is linked to the person who bought / activated it and to his/her specific data. I bought the card online. How can I use it? Save it as an image on your smartphone and present it in the ticket offices of museums, cinemas and theaters just like the material: the staff will scan the barcode or QR code from your phone to check the validity of the card and record the entrance. I bought the card in a store, but it would be more convenient not to keep it in my wallet and use only the virtual one. It's possible? Certainly. You can download the virtual card from your private area and save it on your smartphone: the ticket office staff will scan the barcode or QR code as you would with that material. I purchased the card in 2016 and I have never had the opportunity to use it and, therefore, to activate it. They told me to do it on the site, but after registering I found out that my card can not be activated because it is old. What can I do? You can go to one of the points of sale of the card and have it replaced free with a new one. Since you never used it, your card will be valid for 12 months from the time it is replaced and then activated. GIVE A CARD PURCHASING ONLINE I would like to give a card online, what should I do? Register on the site; once you have created your profile, in your reserved area choose "buy" and at the next step "give a card". The system will then ask you to enter the email address of the person to whom you want to give the card; the recipient will receive an email with the virtual card you gave him. I gave a card online, but the person to whom I gave it did not receive the email with the attached virtual card. It could be that the email address indicated was not correct or that the recipient's mail program mistakenly entered it in the spam or in the "promotions" section. You can check if the email address was correct by checking the purchase receipt that was sent to you after you have completed the economic transaction on the e-commerce platform. If the address was wrong, you can notify us by writing to we will resend the mail with the card to the correct address. If the address was correct and the email is not finished in spam, you can write to we will carry out the necessary checks and we will send the mail back to the recipient of your gift. REPLACE A CARD I lost the card. What should I do? We can replace the cards already activated, or the cards not activated if the card holder is in possession of the receipt of purchase with the lost card number. In this case, you can go to the Bologna Welcome infopoint, or at one of the ticket offices of the museums that sell the card, and have it replaced with a new one: for this operation it is required to pay 5 euros. If I have lost my material card, can I still use the virtual card? Technically you can do it, but we advise you not to replace it, unless you are absolutely certain that the material, which you have lost, is not used by someone else: any improper use would be your responsibility. If you decide not to replace it until it expires, we suggest you to replace it when you renew it: in this case you will pay the renewal at the normal rates in force. What if they stole it? With the report of theft, if the Card has been active in your name, or if it has not been activated but you are in possession of the receipt of purchase with the Card number, you can ask for a new card without additional charges. In case your card was already activated the expiry date will be that of the Card that have stolen you. The Museum Card does not need to be explicitly mentioned in the complaint. PARTICIPATE IN THE ACTIVITIES RESERVED FOR SUBSCRIBERS How can I inform myself about special activities for those with a Card? Subscribe to the newsletter here: most of the activities are on reservation and with limited places and the ways to participate are communicated mainly through the newsletter. Make sure that in your inbox the emails coming from do not end up in spam or in the "promotions" box. BUY REDUCED TICKETS FOR EXHIBITIONS Can I buy tickets with a Museum Card reduction online? Currently, it is not possible to buy tickets with a discounted Card on line: tickets can only be purchased at the ticket office upon entry. It is not possible to issue tickets on a date other than the day on which you visit the exhibition. Can I buy tickets with a discounted museum ticket at the museum ticket office? It is not possible to issue tickets on a date other than the day you visit the exhibition; the purchase of a reduced ticket is contextual at the entrance.